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We’re Lupa

We provide designs websites development solutions digital products ux experiences intuitive mobile UI

focusing on user requirements

For mediacompanies personal projects

_Lead creators

We are Yanina Canosa and Dina Perez. We are graphic designers graduated from the UBA and the UNLP.
We have been working together on digital projects for more than 20 years.
Having acquired invaluable expertise in large corporations, we now operate independently, focusing on design projects for media, companies, and personal projects.


Graphic Designer / UBA


Visual Communication Designer/ UNLP

We create digital experiences


Easy and captivating digital experiences for users.


We transform ideas into interactive models and functional designs.

Responsive Web Design

Seamless and engaging experiences across all devices.

Front-end Development

User interfaces with cutting-edge technologies.

Custom templates for WordPress

Perfectly aligned with your unique needs and vision.

Unique designs

Embodying the latest trends, staying at the forefront of modern aesthetics.

_Featured Projects

We enjoy working collaboratively with our clients and getting involved in every step of the process. We strategize and contribute ideas to make each project unique and tailored to specific needs. We thrive on research, continuous learning, and improvement.

_Our Clients

We have extensive experience working with over 100 brands, organizations, and individuals, helping them develop their digital projects.

Let's build something together